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Gustavo Arellano’s Weekly, Canto LXV: My Commencement Speech to Riverside City College’s Class of...

Gentle cabrones: The title says it all, doesn't it? It's a lot of words, so get to reading them! They gave me a cool I.E.-centric gift basket that included everything from olive oil to a shoeshine...

Gustavo Arellano’s Weekly, Canto LXIV: Don’t Believe Your Hype

Gentle cabrones: Before I began at the Los Angeles Times this past December, someone told me I was going to go into the job with a “reputation.” They didn’t mean it in a negative sense, unlike...

Gustavo Arellano’s Weekly, Canto LXIII: Gustavo’s Summer 2019 Appearances!

Gentle cabrones: Primeramente, apologies for the delay in this canto. But I wanted to guarantee as many readers as possible, so I figured Tuesday after Memorial Day would be a better time to send off...

Gustavo Arellano’s Weekly, Canto LXII: Season of the Speech

Gentle cabrones: Next month, like most Junes for the past decade, I'm scheduled to give speeches --award banquets, graduations, eulogies -- where I need to write something out. Now, if you've seen me speak in public,...

Gustavo Arellano’s Weekly, Canto LXI: Zacatecas Country, An Island on the Southern California Land

Gentle cabrones: If you read me long enough, you'll know that I boast at least once a week in my writings that I’m from the Mexican state of Zacatecas, specifically the ranchos of El Cargadero...

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4 hours ago
Magnificent spot
GustavoArellano photo
John Conway @JohnCConway
@GustavoArellano Went "Old School" and celebrated Father's Day early with a delicious dinner at Cafe Hiro. They still proudly have their 2009 @OCWeeklyFood Award for "Best Japanese Restaurant" on display.
8 hours ago
The beauty of social media: turns out that a follower of mine (and a participant in the #GIFwar) was the nephew of the late Chicano legend Raul Ruiz. Read his thread for a personal insight...
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Et Sic Vadit @auricursine
@GustavoArellano @latimes @ucsantabarbara And an uncle. And a dad. And a grandpa. His talents with the camera weren’t solely used on the politics of the moment.

I’m in the back, my cousin Marcela, his daughter, in the middle, and the youngest, my baby sis, in front.


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The Central Valley Is the Heart and Soul of California

A dispatch from Highway 99 and the underappreciated wonderland of Mexican food that stretches from Bakersfield to Sacramento

Chevy’s Traverse is for Mexicans who don’t need a huge-ass Suburban but still want...

It’s so much better than some rinky dink RAV4 or whatever the hell Toyota makes nowadays (I still stick to the Mexican credo that you buy Japanese cars and American SUVs and trucks).