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Gustavo Arellano’s Weekly, Canto LXXIX: Become Immortal, Then Die

Gentle cabrones: A long time ago, I wanted to be the modern-day Mexican heir to the French New Wave. I have no idea how it entered...

Gustavo Arellano’s Weekly, Canto LXXVIII: Get Off the Book

Gentle cabrones: So hopefully, my career as an actor ended yesterday. I performed as myself in the final production of Canto de Anaheim, the play about...

Gustavo Arellano’s Weekly, Canto LXXVII: Give to Guti aka My Semi-Annual FUNdraiser!

Gentle cabrones: There are many small miracles in life, and one of them is your generosity. Not just for subscribing to my newsletter, but for donating...

Gustavo Arellano’s Weekly, Canto LXXVI: Hacer Presencia

Gentle cabrones: Last night, my wife and I had a hell of a meal at Here's Looking at You in Koreatown courtesy of some friends (one word: chestnut mochi...

Gustavo Arellano’s Weekly, Canto LXXV: Alcoholics Anonymous and Me, One Day at a Time

Gentle cabrones: It looked like a typical quinceañera reception last Saturday when I walked into Acker Hall at Garden Grove United Methodist Church in — where else? — Garden...

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18 hours ago
GustavoArellano photo
Carolina A. Miranda @cmonstah
Because I'm on an emotional union bender, I just want to introduce the band.

The @latguild bargaining committee included some of the most talented and dogged journalists in the building. This team wasn't just an A Team. They are AAA.
18 hours ago
GustavoArellano photo
Carolina A. Miranda @cmonstah
Yesterday evening, the @latguild reached a tentative agreement on the first contract in the @latimes 138-year history. 🙌🏽💪🏽✊🏽

To say I am proud would be a vast understatement. I am overwhelmed and joyful and exhausted at the same time.

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The Central Valley Is the Heart and Soul of California

A dispatch from Highway 99 and the underappreciated wonderland of Mexican food that stretches from Bakersfield to Sacramento

Chevy’s Traverse is for Mexicans who don’t need a huge-ass Suburban but still want...

It’s so much better than some rinky dink RAV4 or whatever the hell Toyota makes nowadays (I still stick to the Mexican credo that you buy Japanese cars and American SUVs and trucks).