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Gustavo Arellano’s Weekly, Canto XCII: Starter Up

Gentle cabrones: We piled into my GMC Yukon after a wonderful Sunday in Ensenada. Drinks at Agua Mala Cervecería. Dinner at Il Massimo, an excellent Italian restaurant within hearing...

Gustavo Arellano’s Weekly, Canto XCI: The Hummingbird’s Son

With apologies to Luis Alberto Urrea...Gentle cabrones: I was in my backyard, trying to prune my massive chiltepín, when I heard the familiar thrum. Then, I...

Gustavo Arellano’s Weekly, Canto XC: A FIFA 18 State of Mind

Gentle cabrones: In January 2018, when I had no job after getting fired from one after just two weeks, I bought myself an Xbox One. I’ve ...

Gustavo Arellano’s Weekly, Canto LXXXIX: On My 1st Year Working for the Los Angeles...

Gentle cabrones: A year ago this week, something happened that I once thought impossible: I joined the Los Angeles Times as a staff writer. I have...

Gustavo Arellano’s Weekly, Canto LXXXVIII: ¡Ese Profe Otto Santa Ana!

Gentle cabrones: It must’ve been about 2002, maybe 2003. I was a graduate student at UCLA at the time, but more importantly, I was beginning my journalism career.

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Has Juan Peña Diaz found peace and justice? In a deeply personal report—filled with twists and turns— @GustavoArellano describes his "Tomb of the Unknown 'Wetback'" as the craziest story he's ever done. Read on:

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The Central Valley Is the Heart and Soul of California

A dispatch from Highway 99 and the underappreciated wonderland of Mexican food that stretches from Bakersfield to Sacramento

Chevy’s Traverse is for Mexicans who don’t need a huge-ass Suburban but still want...

It’s so much better than some rinky dink RAV4 or whatever the hell Toyota makes nowadays (I still stick to the Mexican credo that you buy Japanese cars and American SUVs and trucks).