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The Central Valley Is the Heart and Soul of California

A dispatch from Highway 99 and the underappreciated wonderland of Mexican food that stretches from Bakersfield to Sacramento

Chevy’s Traverse is for Mexicans who don’t need a huge-ass Suburban but still want...

It’s so much better than some rinky dink RAV4 or whatever the hell Toyota makes nowadays (I still stick to the Mexican credo that you buy Japanese cars and American SUVs and trucks).

Democrats in power always overplay their hand

The national GOP hopes to use public anger on the measure to drive up turnout and prevent the Dems from taking over Congress. All of this because the Democrats thought they could get away with anything.
Orange County Line

The strange case of Santa Ana’s district elections

My latest KCRW “Orange County Line” commentary tackles the eternal headache that is SanTana politics.

How Parents Across the United States Are Talking About Family Separation at the Dinner...

More than breakfast or lunch — almost always rushed affairs where conversations lean toward the superficial or mundane — dinner is what anchors families as a unit and as individuals. It's when they reunite to share what's going on with them, what they've learned over the past 12 hours; it's a time to feel comfort before bed, but also to gather strength for the following day.

The Happiest Place on Earth is facing a voter revolt over its poverty wages...

Californians have been slow to recognize that the oversized effect of such conglomerates isn’t purely positive. But they are coming around. Look no further than Anaheim, home to the ultimate business Big Daddy: Disneyland.