Me in New Orleans at my cousin Vic's wedding, ratcheting down to a Category 3 — God bless my REAL fans, who'll know what that means!

Gentle cabrones:

I’m gearing up to be the host of the upcoming Los Angeles Times daily podcast — HWUT.

Which means I’m working with some talented AF young producers — BOOM.

That don’t understand all my lingo, of which I apparently use a lot — HA!

Maybe some of you wonder about the things I say sometimes — actually, I know ustedes do because I get your emails asking me to explain certain words or phrases that I use often, and I tell ustedes to keep reading and you’ll figure it out.

So to help out my coworkers and anyone who’s interested — and because I love words, and because I’m behind because my past two days have been spent battling something I hope is food poisoning — here is a glossary of Gustavoisms. RT, porfas!


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In general order of how much I use said terms:

BOOM: Means “There you go” or “You got me” or “I’m impressed.” Perhaps my most-used interjection. Started to use it after I learned about “Boom goes the dynamite” around 2011 or so.

HA!: I think something’s funny — not a howler, not a chuckle, but something in between. More Stephen Colbert than Bob Newhart.

HWUT: “WTF” or “No way.” Learned from my meme guru Andylanta.

Fascinating: Said when I don’t think something’s fascinating.

Hmm…: You don’t want to get that one from me — that means not only don’t I agree, but I think you’re fundamentally wrong, and now I’m just amused.

Gracias for RT!: Used on Twitter, after someone retweets one of my tweets. I try to do that for ALL of them — gratitude, you know?

#respect: I approve of whatever it is I commented on. More meaningful than a thumbs-up.

Puppy essence/#pawup: Did a post about that.

You’re a good man, Charlie Brown: That one, too!

DESMADRE: In Mexican Spanish, means can mean anything from “a fucked-up situation” to “chaos.” For me, it’s always in caps, always positive, and means fun — HWUT.

Wokoso: A portmanteau of “woke” and “mocoso” (snot-nosed brat). I did not invent it, but I sure as hell use it to ridicule the excesses of the far Left.

I AM A PROPHET: Uttered whenever I’m proven right, which isn’t THAT much — but enough for where I had to designate a phrase.

God bless my REAL fans: Said when someone shows they actually read me instead of subscribe to my newsletter and never open it — the 35 percent open rate doesn’t lie, folks!

Pandejo: A portmanteau of “pandemic” and “pendejo” (idiot). I did not invent it, but I sure as hell use it to ridicule the excesses of people who don’t think coronavirus is real.

WERK: There was a whole canto to that. My governing philosophy in life.


This is the column where I take your questions about ANYTHING. And away we go…

I loved those “hell of a job” bash-the-bishop columns.  You must be more pleased with your current shepherd….whomever he may be.

This letter takes me back to the 2000s, when I wrote about Diocese of Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown nearly every week for his pedophile-protecting ways. He resigned in 2012 and was replaced by Kevin Vann, whom I honestly never kept tabs on as much as I should’ve because I was editor of an infernal rag at the time. If he was as bad as Brown, though, I would’ve known — but gracias to your letter, lemme ask around…

Got a question for Guti? Email me here.


Enough rambling. This was the semana that was:

IMAGE OF THE WEEK: ToniCol soda, probably the best cream soda out there! At the always excellent El Ruso in Boyle Heights — pura calidad!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “One should, for example, be able to see that things are hopeless and yet be determined to make them otherwise.”

–F. Scott Fitzgerald

LISTENING:Goin’ Up Cripple Creek,” Lester Flatt. I first heard this song off an eight-track and still think this is the fastest banjo I’ve ever heard — which makes sense, because it’s the maestro himself on it! TRUE STORY: When the Guitar Center used to be at the Block — back when it was called the Block — I NEARLY bought a banjo. An alternate reality with me as an Appalachicano? Maybe…

READING: Capirotada, The Easter Bread Pudding That Sweetened My Ma’s Relationship With The United States”: My former student publishes at LAist version of his final that he did for my OCC narrative non-fiction class — MORE, JAVIER.

SHOUTOUT TO: Ilda, who kindly donated 50 tacos to sponsor a full month of MailChango! She writes: “Please mention The Little Gallery of San Bernardino in one of your cantos. They are doing an amazing job of providing a much needed platform for artists in the San Bernardino area and beyond.” Ilda: Consider it DUN.

CONFIDENTIAL SHOUTOUT TO: The Seattle area mujer who gave me tacos via check. I lost your return address, and I know you recently stopped by my wifey’s Alta Baja Market looking for me while I was on assignment. Can you email me so I can shout you out, and you can get your proper plugs? Gracias!

Gustavo in the News

The Times announces additions to podcast, project management teams”: Introducing my fabulous colleagues on our upcoming daily podcast!

“California Playbook”: Politico’s Golden State-focused newsletter shouts me out twice.

Mexicans love Speedy Gonzales and other commentary”: I appear in a New York Post editorial.

1875’s Old Pasadena anti-Asian riot, plus Maestro dinner for a great cause”: My fellow metro columnist at the Pasadena Star-News shouts out my columna in his columna.

‘Space Jam 2’ Star Gabriel Iglesias Reacts to Pepe Le Pew, Speedy Gonzales Controversies”: Something called Pop Culture mentions my Speedy columna from a couple of weeks ago.

Inside the Glorious, TikTok-Fueled Rise of Birria in New York City”: Eater NY quotes me on the most annoying, overplayed media story since Mexicans-love-Morrissey.

Pese al aumento demográfico, los mexicano-americanos en EU no logran peso político”: Always great to see Latin American media cite my stuff!

Gustavo Stories

Santa Ana burned down its Chinatown in 1906. What are its lessons on anti-Asian hate?”: My latest KCRW “Orange County Line” talks about the hidden history of OC.

“Grítale a Guti, Ep. 39 (kinda) and Ep. 40!”: Two episode of my weekly IG Live free-for-all, which airs Tuesday nights at 10:15 PT — check one out!

Discussing the Underappreciated ‘Born in East L.A.’ With Gustavo Arellano”: I appear again on The Dave Chang Show, this time to talk about a legendary Cheech Marin movie.

A deranged white man aiming his bullets at Asians: The urgent lesson of 1989 Stockton massacre”: One LA Times columna, this one about a horrible mass shooting with Asian victims. KEY QUOTE: “The similarities between the 1989 Stockton massacre and the 2021 Atlanta-area rampage are chilling. Then and now, a deranged white man aimed his bullets at Asians. Then and now, law enforcement quickly discounted the possibility that race may have played a role in the killings despite the dead before them.”

They warned about rising anti-Asian hate 32 years ago. Californians ignored them”: Another LA Times columna, this one about a long-forgotten report from the 1980s. KEY QUOTE: “The report remains such an unknown part of California Asian American history that State Sen. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), chair of the California Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus, asked me for a copy so he could read it when we talked about the matter. When I explained its contents, I heard the weariness in his voice.”

The sad fate of East L.A.’s forgotten Walk of Fame”: Still another LA Times columna, this one about cool thing on Whitter Boulevard that no one seems to notice. KEY QUOTE: “What emerged in our chat was how the Latino Walk of Fame serves as a metaphor for East Los Angeles: a wonderful, historical state of mind perpetually weighed down by lack of investment.”

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You made it this far down? Gracias! Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram while you’re down here. Don’t forget to forward this newsletter to your compadres y comadres! And, if you feel generous: Buy me a Paypal taco here. Venmo: @gustavo-arellano-oc