Baby Yoda standing in what looks like the side of I-10 heading to Lordsburg, New Mexico after a rainstorm... Image by _freakwave_ from Pixabay

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So here’s a hell of a curveball.

In anticipation of the Oct. 30 premiere of the second season of The Mandalorian — a show I’ve never seen and probably never will because I’m not a Star Wars geek — writer Elena de la Cruz has penned a corrido to the show’s star:

Baby Yoda.

Elena is a mujer of the OLD SKOOL (and actually exists; I ain’t her), so the tune to her ballad ain’t no corrido tumbado pendejadas. Instead, she picked one of the classics of the genres: “El Corrido de los Perez”, which only the REAL Gs can hum.

I’ve had this one in my inbox for months, so want to put it out now. Besides, I need a little break after the busy week I had. Back to the regular cantos next week with a personal story, of which ustedes want more of, too — HWUT.

So, without further ado. “El Corrido de Baby Yoda.”

¡Música, maestro!


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Corrido del Baby Yoda
(Sung to
“El Corrido de los Pérez”)

En una galaxia lejana
Muy clara fue la misión
Matar la creatura verde
Mas Mando tuvo corazón

Ya había caído el imperio
Aun rondaba el mal
Vivo o muerto querían
A ese escuincle especial

Mando entregó el mandado
Su alma no quedó bien
Llegó hechando balazos
Al rescatar el rehén

Por los planetas buscando
Un refugio y un hogar
Había roto el código
Pero no se iba rajar

Asuntos quedan pendientes
Detalles para aclarar
Es baby Yoda o su hijo
Eso vamos mirar.

The Ballad of Baby Yoda (English Translation)

In a galaxy, far far away
The mission was clear from the start
To take out the little green creature
But Mando couldn’t do it, he had heart

The empire had fallen
Yet evil they hadn’t fully rid
Dead or alive there was a bounty
For this mythical kid

Mando completed the mission
But his soul felt ashamed
He returned guns a’blazing
And the hostage he reclaimed

From planet to planet they went
Looking for a safe abode
He wouldn’t back down from trying
Even if he had to break the code

There’s much to uncover
Details of what might be
Is it Baby Yoda or its offspring?
This we are yet to see


This is the column where I take your questions about ANYTHING. And away we go…

Since you’re gonna be teaching this [journalism] class totally online, have you considered just straight up selling access to a live stream of the classes (or recordings of them) on the side to your newsletter subscribers? Would be just as happy to pay you directly and not worry about the middle man, and since I’m a researcher and not a journalist, I’d also worry about taking up a spot in the class that could go to a kid who’s actually hoping to make a career in journalism.

If I get to take your class it’d feel more like one of those MasterClass deals to me, like when people shell out to hear Stephen King teach how to write horror for 10 hours even if they’re not writers themselves. Just a thought!

I can, and probably get some good money out of it. But I never will. I teach journalism nowadays exclusively for Orange Coast College, my beloved alma mater. And it’s for a reason — community college students come from all walks of life, pay relatively affordable fees, and are usually using my class on the way to a degree instead of just self-fulfillment.

And nothing against the latter folks — you can still take my class, of course, although it’s too late for the fall. In fact, you should apply for my narrative journalism course this coming spring semester because I fully expect to Zoom away — unless we can start each class with a collective polyclonal cocktail, you know?

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Enough rambling. This was the semana that was:

IMAGE OF THE WEEK: Tunas from my nopales, which grew HUGE this year — and now, I must trim…

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “The enemy always wins, and we still need to fight him. That’s all I know. You and I won’t find much joy while we’re here, but we can keep others alive. We can defend those who can’t defend themselves. Maybe we don’t need to understand more than that. Maybe that’s enough.”

–Beric Dondarrion

LISTENING:Son Tus Perjúmenes Mujer,” Carlos Mejia Godoy y Los del Palacagüina. The most famous Nicaraguan song in the Spanish-speaking word, a bawdy singalong with nica Spanish that Mexicans never quite understood (you’d be surprised at what sulibeyan means, for one) but nevertheless covered, from Los Tigres del Norte to Lupillo Rivera to even a shoutout in El Chavo del 8. But here’s the original, as hummable and delightful as any.

READING: Inside the Breakup of the Cellino & Barnes Law Firm” Great to see New York still puts out hilarious, deep, moving and street-level great journalism. Go ahead, sing the jingle — and say a prayer for the latter, who died in a plane crash yesterday.

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