Gustavo Arellano

Gustavo Arellano
Con su pluma en la mano

Gustavo Arellano’s Weekly, Canto VI: Vacation, Staycation, Workation, CRAFTCATION

Gentle cabrones: Greetings from beautiful downtown Ventura, where I'm waiting to load a 26-foot U-Haul, then drive the beast back to Orange County. It's Craftcation...

Gustavo Arellano’s Weekly, Canto V: Stay Classy, Orange County!

Gentle cabrones: “Never thought I'd say this, but fuck Orange County,” read the comment of a young woman on the Facebook page of William Camargo,...

Gustavo Arellano’s Weekly, Canto IV: Know Your History!

Listening: “Tu Enamorado,” José Alfredo Jiménez. On Twitter, I'm debating some random guy about who sang more to the Mexican soul: Juan Gabriel, Agustín...

Gustavo Arellano’s Weekly, Canto III: Ugly Delicious Taco Trail Tell-All!

Scarfing down primal tacos at Mitla Cafe in San Bernardino Listening: “Pobre Leña de Pirul”, by La Santa Cecilia. My former house band on my...

Gustavo Arellano’s Weekly, Canto II: The Bread of (Journalism) Life

Above: a bánh mì on a perfect baguette from Au Coeur de Paris in Little Saigon Listening: “Soldado de Levita.” Classic son huasteca about a...

Gustavo Arellano’s Weekly, Vol. 1, Issue 1: Con Su Pluma en Su Mano

1996, junior year at Anaheim High School, Mrs. Noriega's Spanish class. She's trying to get her overwhelmingly Mexican class to watch The Ballad of...

The Syrian Baker Who’s Bringing the Middle East’s Most Famous Ice Cream to California

Maher Nakhal, who imported the kind of ice-cream machine used in the historic parlor Bakdash, in Damascus, said, “I wanted to bring my childhood back to the United States.”

In Praise of Flour Tortillas, an Unsung Jewel of the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands

Recent Mexican immigrants deride them as a gringo quirk. Foodie purists dismiss them as not “real” Mexican food. But good flour tortillas can be revelatory.

The Comfort of Tamales at the End of 2017

In a year of chaos and anxiety for Mexican-Americans, the holiday ritual of tamale-making is a time of reflection.