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Gentle cabrones:

Is there something in your life that you always think you can do without and go off in life without it, something that just takes a little extra step to accomplish — then get screwed when you don’t have it?

That’s me and plugs.

I rely on them to WERK: one for my computer, one for my phone, one for my microphone, and yet another for my recorder.

I just need to grab them, put in my bag that I carry with me EVERYWHERE (carries the Holy Grail, dontcha know), and I’m good to go. Without them, I can’t send my words to my jefes and jefas, so I should carry plugs with me wherever I go because news never sleeps.

But I don’t.

Every morning, when I drop off my wife to work and spend some time at her store, I take my laptop without my plugs. I always tell myself that I have no need for it because I’m not going to stay that long.

But I do.

So my laptop runs out of energy hours later, right when I’m on a writing tear like Kermit in front of a typewriter.

If I had the plug, I’d continue on the road to brilliance.

I don’t.


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Life is unpredictable, yet you can totally plan for it.

But we don’t.

One of the biggest critiques those close to me have had throughout my LYFE is that I’m too prepared, too stiff. I don’t let go and live free.

And yet I do.

Like with plugs. And many things, for that matter. My health (I don’t work out — I get bored fast). My work (I can be even more productive if I didn’t get so damn distracted by Bravo — Gary on Below Deck: Sailing Yacht is a DOG). My library (I can finally organize it if I actually start).

So why do I still insist on leaving home without plugs?


I assume that things will turn out a certain way without doing anything. The irony is that I can guarantee things will if I just took an extra, simple step.

And yet I don’t.

The extra step is key to succeed in life. The late Jonathan Gold once said, “The best choice is always the restaurant 15 minutes further than you are willing to go.”

I’d say even five.

Something so effortless, yet too many of us are too stubborn to try.

So as we try to relax this Memorial Day weekend…don’t relax TOO much.

Because there’s always a plug you shouldn’t have forgotten.

I won’t.

So here’s a plug: Subscribe to the podcast I host, “The Times: Daily news from the L.A. Times.

I did it!


This is the column where I take your questions about ANYTHING. And away we go…

Why is El Paso your favorite Texas city?  I have great memories of El Paso. I’ve been going there since I was little as I have cousins who live there.  My dad was born in Santa Ana in 1923 he is 97 years old and a COVID survivor.  So his family returned to Mexico (Durango) when he was little and he didn’t return to CA until he was a married man looking for a better life for his family.  My grandfather Precilliano Saldivar was born in Zacatecas.  I feel we have similarities in our stories!  Sorry about the long email just proud of my story and wanted to share with you! Thank you I really enjoy reading your emails!!

Gracias for sharing your story, and for the question. El Paso is awesome because they’re fronchis with three main cultures — New Mexico, Texas, and Chihuahua. That creates a people who are fluid with identities, welcome to outsiders, and know how to EAT. I’ll have more on this subject soon, in…something…

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Enough rambling. This was the semana that was:

IMAGE OF THE WEEK: Best view at Vista Hermosa Park near downtown Los Angeles.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “But you can’t poke power and rip and tear at the powerful, then flee at the first whiff of gunpowder — not if you’re committed and you believe in what you’re doing, no matter how ridiculous it might be.”

–Mark Ames, eXiled madman

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SHOUTOUT TO: Rick, who kindly donated 50 tacos to sponsor a month of MailChango! His plug goes to Dramatic Results: “The team is doing amazing work with financially challenged students from diverse cultural backgrounds in STEM educational projects.  The programs concentrate of 5th-8th grade students making them ‘aware’ of fields of study they may never have thought of as careers for themselves through math, science, and the arts.”

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