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Gentle cabrones:

With a bully in the White House and bullies fresh on my mind after having watched the surprisingly deep Cobra Kai, why not revisit some of my previous antagonistes?

We all have them — the people who make our lives miserable when we’re at our most vulnerable, who delight in mentally torturing you even more than assaulting. No one deserves them…yet they persist, because to prey on the weak is an eternal human trait.

Most of us understandably block bullies from our memories. But it’s good to look back and marvel at your resilience toward them — you’re here today, after all.

Which means you beat them.

So, lemme watch over my back as I begin to type…

Kindergarten-4th grade: Cannot remember them. They didn’t like that I read a lot, that teachers liked me, and that I was scrawny and began to wear glasses at a time where they were a marker of death for boys.

In those years, though, I had a guardian angel in Eddie Vallejo, a rotund Chicano my age who slammed more than a few bullies against chainlink fences and told them to knock it off. I owe him a Jameson or something; back then, I thanked him by doing his homework.

Fourth grade: My luck with big Chicanos ended. ***** constantly shoved me and pushed me and yelled at me but never quite got around to beating me up for reasons I never knew. He was a friend of my new friends, so that was kind of awkward. First kid I ever knew to say “fuck,” in a joke about the DEVIL. Really bad seed. Moved to Houston.

Then there was ****** down the street. We both liked the same girl. He was handsome; I was not. Taunted me incessantly. No Daniel-san luck for me!


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Sixth grade: ***** was a year below me but such a horror that he once threw a table — a table! — at a teacher. We never really got into it at Sunkist Elementary, mostly because I steered clear from him as much as possible. Which was kinda hard, because his class was next to mine.

Junior high: Hell years.

**** regularly shook me down for my lunch money, forced me to hold tagging material for him and even tried to get me to steal my dad’s gun. I can’t even remember how I got out of THAT — but I did. He nded up in and out of jail.

Yet he wasn’t my worst harasser.

******* took an intense dislike of me that actually lasted through high school and even a couple of years into college. He was best friends with my sixth-grade tormentor — OF COURSE. I could not escape him even away from school, because he was from the same rancho as me. He ended up a loving dad.

Yet he wasn’t my most painful harasser.

That would’ve been *****, who was one of my best friends because we were from the same rancho. I distinctly remember him telling me before we started Sycamore Junior High that he was going to stop hanging out with some guy because he was a bad influence.

He didn’t.

Like Hawk to Demetri in Cobra Kai, ***** began to mock me to score points with his friends. He ended up becoming one of the cool kids at Anaheim High, while I remained the nerd that I am. He ended up in law enforcement.

OC Weekly: Well, ya gotta read my book for that one. The one thing I’ll say right now is that jealousy is an ugly thing that can make nice people do stupid things.

Then there was ******. Won’t talk about that, but let’s just say bullying cost that dumpster meanie mucho moolah.

2018: I owe them a full canto — and let’s leave it at THAT.


This is the column where I take your questions about ANYTHING. And away we go…

Why do Cuban Americans make the nicest Docs? Here in Boulder, CO, we have the priciest little shops in Colorado, except for Aspen and Vail of course… One of them was a Sports Optical and the ophthalmologist was Cuban American and the nicest one too. But he retired and they haven’t replaced him yet.

This might be the most random question I’ll ever receive, but you’re RIGHT. In addition to Dr. Alex at Orange Circle Optometry (LOVE my Moscot lenses!), my childhood doctor was Dr. Soledad, and my mom just loved her because she was a Spanish-speaker in the medical profession at a time where there weren’t that many in Anaheim. I remember her as kind and funny.

Dr. Soledad and Dr. Alex are different generations of the Cuban diaspora — she would’ve been a refugee, while he’s probably probably third-gen at this point. Without knowing their personal history, I can only speculate about their coolness — a lot of mojo in their diet? A shot of rum after every shift? Overloading on the Porto’s?

Or maybe their understanding that life is precious and kindness is important because of what their parents and grandparents left behind?

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Enough rambling. This was the semana that was:

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