Canto CCCLII: Woke Jokes Broke the Blokes


Or: Get Busy Saving

May 18, 2024

Gentle cabrones:

He was a legend in his field, someone whom I originally covered, then got to know as a friend. Someone who was always great, but who kept getting better with age.

We met at Alta Baja Market — hadn’t seen each other in years. I would send over a bunch of people to him, because he helped me out a long time ago in a fundamental way.

He loved the food. He loved my work. We caught up. Then the conversation turned to politics.


We just can’t say what we feel anymore, he claimed. Young people are too woke. California is broken. Things just ain’t how they used to be. He must’ve rattled off “woke” a dozen times in less than five minutes. Ridiculed Latinx as well, because of course.

This was someone who at one point was more liberal than me, and who probably considers himself one still, in the Dark Web sense. Yet all I heard was rage. Annoyance. Fear. Bitterness.

And then it happened again with another legend.

This guy didn’t know who I was, but I definitely knew who he was. We spoke together in front of students. I told him what an honor it was to even be in the same room as him, and I meant it. I impressed him with my knowledge of his work. Not arrogant at all, despite his pedigree — but definitely old-school.

TOO old-school.

He went on a giant rant against — yep! — woke culture. We just can’t write what we feel anymore, he insisted. He was so fixated on the Left supposedly censoring all thought that the students — who were probably liberal but definitely not wokosos because of the class subject, which doesn’t exactly draw that type of people — became uncomfortable at this old man yelling at a cloud. Not even the gentle prods of myself and the professor who invited us could move the legend away from his path down his pathetic rabbit hole.

And then I just read it this morning with yet another legend.

Old legends never die; they just whine away.

SpongeBob says: Hang in there!

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It’s sad to see people you’ve known forever — people you know and respect and love — devolve into the very thing they long decried.

It happens.

We all change, one way or another. But I never understood why people like to melt into a swamp of whining about how things aren’t how they used to be and that these days are doomed.

What’s the takeaway from The Shawshank Redemption? Get busy living, or get busy dying.

I’d add another point: Get busy saving the dying.

I still talk to the former legend; I’ll probably never talk to the latter legend, just because he’s on another level and we just happened to be at the same panel. But I have not canceled them from my lives just because I don’t like where they’re at today.

People who cleave off other people from their lives just because they don’t like what the other has turned into says more about the former than the latter. Throwing away the past just because of the present is immature, self-defeating, not how societies thrive.

Hubristic, too. There but for the grace of God goes you, after all.

So what does one do? I don’t accept the rants of the former legend. I listen, smile, let them vent, and then move on to better things. If the person goes too off the proverbial rails, I come armed with facts to refute them.

If they don’t want to listen? Not going to change how I feel about them — but maybe we don’t hang out as much anymore. But we continue to hang out, because the good times will always outweigh the bad — and the good times can return.

Maybe it’s masochistic of me to look at relationships this way, but I always remember the good times. I always remember the fundamental good in the person, which is still there under the layers of bad that have built up. Layers can be spiked through; layers can be removed.

But it takes time and commitment and love, which I’m always willing to do. Too many don’t alas.

Sorry for the extra emo rambling this week, and the brevity. It’s been a crazy May — both good and bad. And May’s not over yet. But had to fire off this one, because it’s weighed on me ever since my encounters, and I had to say something quick.

Time to talachear. Time to pray. Time to listen and love.

Get busy loving, or get busy dying.


Enough rambling. This was the semana that was:

No soup when I went because the produce guy was late, which means they make the soup fresh daily #respect

IMAGE OF THE WEEK: Italian sandwich, Greek salad, and zucchini bread at Café Rose Express in Costa Mexico. Someone associated with the restaurant invited me long ago, which meant I finally showed up unannounced last week. GREAT food made incredible by the fact they’re based in an office park. I hope the person still subscribes to my cantos — y si no? Their loss!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “I started at the top and worked my way down” — Orson Welles (I try not to tie my weekly quotes to the subject of that week’s canto, but if ever there was a tie-in…)

LISTENING: Corazón de Tejas,” Banda El Recodo. A great song, but not El Recodo’s greatest song — but I include it because it was only a couple of years ago that I realized it was an instrumental version of “Deep in the Heart of Texas,” which is a whatever song! Leave it to sinaloenses to elevate the Lone Star State haha.

READING: LA's seminarians fend off Team Priests in annual matchup”: Speaking of anti-woke warriors, I’m no fan of Archbishop José H. Gomez, but the L.A. Archdiocese’s Angelus News publication does a great job of covering Angeleno Catholic life. Right now, they’re doing short profiles of new priests, which led me to this wonderful 2023 story.

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